What is Recurring Deposit ?

A recurring deposit is a type of term deposit provided by banks. It lets you deposit a fixed monthly amount from your regular income into your recurring deposit account. You can earn interest at the applicable rate to the fixed deposits.

Why Choose CFS for Investing in Recurring Deposits?

Professional Assistance

A disciplined saving habit can only be cultivated with the help of market-specific counselling. And so, we have in our bag the best schemes and suggestions that not just answer your present but also future needs.

Articulated Recommendations

Our experts are always there to guide you in choosing the best RD offers or help you convert your income into recurring interest.

Guaranteed Outcomes

We make sure that you get the best interest rates available in the industry at the lowest price possible.

Advantages of Investing in Recurring Deposit

High-Interest Rate

Recurring deposits offer attractive interest rates that are comparatively higher than that of saving accounts. Thus, you can get maximum rates out of minimum deposits.

Zero Penalty

Many financial institutions offer zero penalties even if you miss a month. So, there is no pressure on you to pay every month.

Low Premium

You do not need to pay much money every month to get a recurring deposit. The minimum amount is very low, and almost anyone can afford it.

Simple Documentation

Only with a linked savings account can you open a recurring deposit account. Thus, minimal documentation and verification processes make it easier to invest.

Short-Term Goals

Recurring deposits are suitable for every type of short-term goal. Whether you need financial support for renovating your home or your child’s education, everything is possible with recurring deposits.

Deposit Terms

Mostly the deposit tenure starts from 6 months. But you can easily choose a suitable deposit period with a maximum limit of 10 years.

Client Testimonials

What is it like to work with Core Financial Services

Client Testimonials

What is it like to work with Core Financial Services

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