What is Life Insurance ?

Life insurance is referred to a contract between an insurer and you where the insurer will promise to pay the beneficiary a sum of money upon your sudden demise. Usually, the payment is triggered based on the contract terms.

Why Choose Core Financial Services for Life Insurance?

Customized Solutions

Sit with our experts and discover the right policy that caters to your needs and requirements. With one-on-one consultations, we make sure to make you aware of even the minute aspects involved in Life Insurance.

Focused Goals

We understand the client’s need for protection. And therefore, we design plans that aim at reducing financial uncertainty while also making any kind of accidental loss manageable.

Long-Term Objectives

Right from investment strategies, insurance, brokerage services, and other solutions, we aim to make the right decisions for your financial future.

Advantages of buying Life Insurance

Financial Protection

Life insurance coverage reduces the impact of loss one bears in difficult situations. It offers monetary reimbursement during financial crises.

Certainty Assurance

A life insurance policy offers assurance to the designated beneficiary as it will be helpful for their future. Thus, it makes you certain about the future.

Value of Risk

A life insurance policy assesses the risk volume and anticipates its different causes. Thus, it safeguards you and your family against consequential loss and unforeseen events.

Capital Generation

Life insurance generates income and profit for businesses. It safeguards your company against the loss of capital. Also, it generates capital with more people purchasing policies.

Economic Growth

Life insurance policies help mobilise domestic savings into offering financial stability. It promotes commerce and trade by using the fund.


These policies are transparent. You can know exactly how much premium you need to pay and how much you get after the policyholder's death.

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Client Testimonials

What is it like to work with Core Financial Services

Client Testimonials

What is it like to work with Core Financial Services

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