What is Health Insurance ?

Health insurance is a form of insurance that covers a part or whole of your or your family’s medical expenses. It covers the medical expenses arising because of an illness or sudden accident. It may include the costs of medicines, hospitalisation, or doctor consultation.

Why Choose Corefinsol for Health Insurance?

Product Knowledge

Secure your life with the most helpful health insurance consultations with our experts. Our experts have peerless knowledge of the health insurance industry. Learn everything from the health plan, its features and services, advantages and disadvantages, etc.

Assistance in Purchase Journey

Every insurance company has their own purchase journey. This includes offline policies, digital policies, and many more. Our advisors take it upon themselves to provide you with the best coverage while also helping you in the purchase journey.

Assistance in Claim Process

While buying an insurance policy, you are also promised a financial backup when the need arises. The same is true for the health plan, where you are assured of help in case of a medical emergency. This is where our advisors intervene to guide and help in the claim process.

Advantages of Buying a Health Insurance

Financial Coverage

It is substantial financial support during medical emergencies. It covers the costs of acute treatments across the world.

Tax Exemption

Health insurance covers not only future costs but also provides financial relief in the present. It can help reduce your overall tax liability.


A lot of insurance companies out there are offering affordable health insurance policies. With our expert’s help, you can invest in a suitable one and make your future safe.

Safeguard Savings

When you are severely ill, it drains your bank. So, purchase a reliable health insurance policy to deal with all healthcare expenses without disturbing your savings.

Cashless Claim Benefit

This feature simplifies the healthcare availability process. You do not need to pay cash or make any out-of-pocket expenses at the hospital, as the insurer will handle everything.


After you have been treated, your health insurance will cover the cost of everything you have spent during your treatment. It includes the costs of diagnosis, ambulance, medicines, and more.

Client Testimonials

What is it like to work with Core Financial Services

Client Testimonials

What is it like to work with Core Financial Services

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