What are Government Bonds ?

The government issues a government bond to support public spending. It is a contract between the issuer and you where the issuer guarantees interest earnings in the bonds’ face value along with the repayment of the principal value on the promised date.

Why Choose Corefinsol for Investing in Government Bonds?

Strategic Planning

Government bonds are government securities (G-Sec) which are long-term investment tools. Therefore, to derive long-term investments from these bonds, our advisors lay down perfectly researched and articulated strategic plans.

Revised Assessments

We provide one-on-one sessions with our advisors to understand and know which government bonds offer coupons and discounts.

Quantitative Analysis

Garner insights about this debt security issued by the government. With relevant guidance, invest in the best and most verified government bond available.

Advantages of Investing in Government Bonds

Regular Income

The interest accrued on government bonds needs to be disbursed every 6 months to the bondholders. Thus, it offers an opportunity to earn regular income by investing in the correct funds.

Portfolio Diversification

It mitigates the total portfolio risk as government bonds are risk-free investments. Thus, it is a well-diversified portfolio for you.


Just like equity instruments, you can purchase and sell government bonds quickly. The liquidity in these bonds is as adequate as financial institutions and banks.


The government bonds' returns are as good as bank deposits. Also, there is a guarantee of the principal along with the fixed interest. These bonds have been available for a long time.


Government bonds ensure stability and returns of funds to investors. So, if you are looking for risk-free investment, government bonds are your ideal choice.


The best thing about government bonds is that you can assess them through ETFs and mutual funds, facilitating enhanced flexibility and convenience.

Client Testimonials

What is it like to work with Core Financial Services

Client Testimonials

What is it like to work with Core Financial Services

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