What is Fixed Deposit ?

A fixed deposit (FD) is a financial instrument offered by non-financial institutions and banks that provides investors with a higher interest rate than a regular savings account. You may or may not need to create a separate account. However, it is extremely safe compared to other schemes.

Why Choose Corefinsol for Fixed Deposit Investment?

Catered Advice

Guided consultations will help you choose the best king of saving schemes. Learn everything from types of companies offering fixed deposits, benefits offered, etc., before making your final decision.

Value-Added Benefits

Our experts assist in shifting investment strategies depending on market conditions. With the help of their guidance, you receive value-added benefits with Easy Liquidity, Better Interest Rates, Zero-Risk Saving, and many more.

Minimum Risk

Our experts are masters at offering the best benefit of diversification, active risk management, active review and rebalancing, expert management, etc.

Advantages of Investing in Fixed Deposit

Easy to Open

You can create a fixed deposit account within minutes. A lot of institutions even allow you to open a fixed deposit account with some clicks of a button.


Fixed deposit is an excellent tax-saving option and helps you earn guaranteed returns. You save a lot on taxes when you consider a fixed deposit account.

Better Interest Rate

A savings account will help you earn interest on the maintained balance. But the interest rates of fixed deposits are comparatively more, and they can go up more than 7%.

Easy Liquidity

Liquidating your fixed deposits is easy. By paying a negligible penalty, you may withdraw the money prematurely. Also, the process is easy and super-fast.

Guaranteed Returns

A fixed deposit ensured guaranteed returns. Also, it carries minimal to zero risk to the investor. Thus, it is a perfect starting point if you want to begin with your savings.

Flexible Tenure

A fixed deposit tenure is flexible. Although every bank has its minimum tenure, you must take the final decision based on your needs.

Client Testimonials

What is it like to work with Core Financial Services

Client Testimonials

What is it like to work with Core Financial Services

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